Sky Explorer 3 is Ready

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After more than one year of development, the new version of Sky Explorer aviation data visualization system, 3.0, is ready now.


What’s new

  • The main UI is rewritten with Bootstrap which is more consistent with modern web design.
  • A new data protocol has been designed and implemented to handle the differences between different data from different agencies. Therefore the new system has the ability to host multiple data sources from different agencies. Sky Explorer can present them together with careful explanation.
  • More data are available. Airport data from China, Switzerland, Mexico and Australia have joined the system. All existing data are updated to 2015.
  • Compared to the old version, lots of data errors are fixed. In version 2.0, several airport statistics data are summed from route statistics, which can underestimate the actual flow. In version 3.0, the airport statistics come from independent airport statistics sources.


If you find any issue or have any suggestion, feel free to open issues in Sky Explorer’s Github page, or send email to